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Tel: 0086 311 85390182
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Barbed Wire Machine /Barbed Wire Equipment/Galvanized Barbed Wire Machine

  • ISO9001
  • Sito
  • 300 Sets Per Year
  • China
  • Require by Clients
ST-A Normal Double twisted Barbed Wire Machine ST-A double twisted barbed wire machine is designed to produce screens with single or double-strand barbed steel wire, therm-plated with zinc. The machine is of horizontal design, consisting of two parts, assembled together at the middle. It is safe and reliable in operation, capable of turning out high quality products with consistency.
Motor 3kw
Rated output 70kg/h
Weight 1500kg
Overall Dimension 1900mmx1300mmx980mm
Wire collection part size 1800mmx750mmx750mm
Barb pitch spacing 76mm 102mm
Twist 4
Strand Diameter 2.2-2.8mm
 Wire Diameter 1.8-2.2mm

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