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Drawing Machine/Wire Drawing Equipment/ Wire Mesh Machine

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Drawing machine (Group) 1. Equipment comprising (1) wire drawing machine (group) (2) 710 mm"I" spool take-Up machine (3) Man-machine interface control contact screen (4) Whole set of electric console 2. Main technical parameter ( key points): (1)Max. Entering (steel) wire strength: ≥ 700MPa (2)Max. Entering (steel) wire dia.: 6.5mm (3)Min. Exiting (steel) wire dia.: 2.2mm (4)Pulling steel wire material: Low carbon steel (5)Max. Steel wire drawing speed: 10m/s ( Normal using speed: 8m/s) (6)Water volume: 6m3/h (Water pressure ≥ 0.25MPa) (7)Air volume: 1.5m3/h (Air pressure ≥ 0.6MPa) (8)Motors: Drawing unit: (first 30KW) 22KW AC freq. Con. Motor Take-Up unit: 11KW AC freq. Con. Motor (9)Drum of drawing machine: Material: Steel ZG45~55, hardness alloy tungsten carbide is spraying-painted on working surface, with HRC60, roughness ≤ 1.6Ra. Drum using life: Two year Drum cooling mode: Narrow seam type water cooling for inner of drum (10)Die box: Welding part is adopted for die box, the spraying-painted tungsten carbide is adopted for the surface of guide wheel and guide roller. The die box is divided into lub. Powder cavity and water cooling cavity (water flowing automatically for cooling) Die box is adjusted in universal directions. (11) Electric Control system Arrangement (We can arrange them as customers' require) A. Inverter: SINE inverter is adopted. B. PLC: : Siemens S7-300 Series (made in Germany) C. Sensor: DING CHEN Brand D. Low voltage electric appliances including relay: Chint Brand E. Contact screen: Weinview color contact screen Working mode The system adopts the PLC control, inverter and contact screen generally. The digital exchanging is completed by communication. PLC is used to read, write, start and stop the inverter at will. PLC software ensures the auto program editing and setting for different drawing technics and ensures the running smoothly. Color screen man-machine interface system can monitor equipment running status and failure display. All technics parameters of system can be input from contact screen with high precision, strong correctness and easy modification. It also ensures the wide drawing technics and easily realizes the die jumped drawing. The whole system runs reliably with low failure rate and easily operation. G. Control pulpit A. On pulpit, all drawing drum running conditions can be displayed. B. It can control all drums and the single taking-in machine by linkage. C. It can regulate the running speed by integration. D. At EMG stop, it can realize the integrated linkage and EMG stop for paying-off, drawing and taking-in, also ensures no wire confusion, no breaking. E. Automatically alarm when failure displays and display the locations where the trouble may take place and the causes.

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