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Expanded Metal Mesh

  • ISO9001
  • Sito
  • 500000 Tons Per Year
  • China
  • Require by Clients
Expanded Metal Plate Mesh Expanded Metal Plate Mesh Producing method: Made of metal plate by punching and flattening. Expanded Metal Mesh Specifications: Expanded Metal Mesh Thickness: 0.3-8mm, Expanded Metal Mesh SWD: 3-80mm, Expanded Metal Mesh LWD: 3-200mm, Expanded Metal Mesh Strand width: 0.3-8.0mm, Maximum width: 2.0m Our factory could supply aluminium expanded metal mesh, steel expanded mesh, galvanized expanded plate metal mesh. Expanded Metal Mesh Hole shape: Expanded Metal Mesh divided into diamond, square, round, trianglescale, etc. We can produce Expanded Metal Mesh according to the customers' requirement, according to the method of surface treatment. Expanded Metal Mesh material: Stainless steel plate, aluminum, plate, common carbon plate, brass plaste, nickle plate etc. Expanded Metal Mesh Usage: Used in filter elements, medicine, paper-making, filtering, breeding, Construction, Architecture and interior design, wire mesh for battery, wire mesh for satellite aerial, machina protecting, handcraft making and window screen substitute. Expanded Metal Mesh is manufactured from a wide range of materials, mainly expanded steel mesh, Aluminum Expanded Metal, Flattended Expanded Metal, expanded nickel and other metal, as steel reinforcement materials in petroleum, chemical industry, building & decorations. Expanded Metal Mesh Variety: Small, Mini Expanded Metal and heavy expanded metal mesh. Expanded aluminum mesh, expanded platinum filtration mesh, expanded brass mesh, expanded copper mesh, expanded Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, expanded nickel mesh. Opening in the shape of diamond, hexagonal or special shape. Uses of Expanded Metal Mesh: Fencing for road, railway, civil building, water conservancy's construction; Protecting of all kinds of machines, electrical equipment, and walkways.

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