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Q345b Hex Metal

  • ISO9001
  • Sito
  • 1000000 Per Month
  • China
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Specifications 1. Hex steel are applied in constructions 2. Surface treatment: Galvanized or stainless 3. ISO9001: 2000 Description Hex-steel is a an unique honeycombed steel designed to provide excellent retention and reinforcement of thin wall refractories and fully complements dense hydraulic and chemically bonded refractories in resisting erosion. Since Hex steel's flexibility allows it to be rolled, it easily conforms to circular shapes. It is ideal for lining Ducts, Furnaces, Reactor Vessels, Cyclones, Flue Gas Lines and other high temperature equipment of virtually any shape or configuration. Application Process plant which is subject to the passage of erosive gas streams, especially at high temperature, benefit by cladding with Hex metal infilled with erosion resistant refractories. Typical applications include Cyclones, Flue Gas Lines, Reactor Vessels, Wind boxes, Fan Casings, Burner Quarles: In fact any vessel or section that is subject to erosion or abrasion. The product specification: Pitch 2 cm-6 cm, nets thick 1 cm-2.5 cm, thickness 1 mm-3 mm, mesh size from purchaser from various kinds of specifications for processing customized. Features: Mud down claws tortoise-shell net, enhance the ability of anchorage and lining materials and materials own link performance, and can completely control heat insulation peeling and easy to fall off phenomenon, improve the combination of lining material fastness.

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