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Razor Wire Fence Machine

  • ISO9001
  • Sito
  • 300 Sets Per Year
  • China
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Specifications Our machine applied the most advanced technology Applied the national patent Main technical parameter: This machine undertake by three wrap wire machine and one main machine that can cut nine barb belt make up. It reflects perfectly: 1. High efficiency: Can produce the steel belt 80kgs per hour. 2. It is low to loss, the raw materials loss of the old model is 40%, and JC-9 type drops to 15%. External dimension: 1. The wrap wire machine(long *width *high): 3 X 1.3mX 0.7mX 1.1m 2. The main machine (steel belt presses judging machine) (Long *width *high): 1.1mX 0.85mX2.0m 3. Accept wire machine(Long *width *high): 1.4mX 0.75mX 1.0m 4. Total weight: 2.6T This apparatus is made for specializing in the razor barbed wire, mainly divided into two parts: 1. The steel belt presses judges part: Adopt JB-23 press machine, pressure 25T The largest rotational speed 100r/min, power 2.2KW Produce razor barbed wire long 25mm, 22mm, 15mm, 11mm once of razor blade, etc...Various specifications should make the mold. Cut out steel band divide 9 steel belt into partly, produce board thick 0.5mm per hour, of long 22mm, 80kgs of steel band 2. Some of taking shape machine of one pack of lines: Wrap up the steel wire and razor blade steel band together, do a round long network that needs. The power of the electrical machinery: 1.1KW Rotational speed: Adjustable Linear velocity: Wrap up the line 16m every minute The round diameter of the network: 450mm-980mm The output per hour: 50kg

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