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stainless steel filter caps

High Quality Stainless Steel Sintered Filter Caps
Product Description
Brief introduction:
Material: SUS302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L wire mesh or perforated mesh.
Layer: Single-layer, Double-layer, Multilayer
Type: single-layer, multi-layer, pleated, perforated mesh cartridge, expended metal cartridge, sintered mesh cartridge
Filter rating: 1-250 microns, and any outline size and filtration rating available as the requirements of the customer
a.      Small size, easy site layout and installation.
b.      Material and structure maximize the flow area of water flow, effectively reduce the resistance, ensure reliable operation and doesn't occur block, plug, greatly extended the filter.
c.       Using 3-6mm stamped stainless steel, the core network should be able to withstand 150 kpa of pressure, without distortion and damage. It has a long working life, corrosion resistance, no rust, smooth surface, non-fouling characteristics.

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Sito Import&Export Limited, established in 2000, located in the biggest wire mesh production base! ! 

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